The Kid's Alright

Over the last week or so I have received a number of vaguely apologetic voice mails and emails that say, generally, "I've been meaning to get in touch, but I got really busy with work/the kids/the dog/my crochet/crocheting a sweater for the dog while at work hiding from my kids/etc., and it just slipped my mind."  But here's the thing:  I think that's kind of great.

OK, not GREAT great.  I mean, nobody wants to believe that their friends can just sort of forget about them.  But it is great in that it means that people are starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, they don't need to worry about me quite so much these days.  Maybe it means that like me, they think that I'm actually doing pretty damn well.  In a way, it feels really good to fall behind getting the washing machine fixed and making lunch for the soccer team on the ol' "Super Important Shit I Have to Think About" lists of family and friends.  I am managing small home repairs on my own (on a ladder! without falling!), and cooking food every once in a while without sending a single friend to the hospital. I stocked up on stuff at Costco and rearranged the living room. I am working full time and doing my yoga and running my trails and seeing my friends and having almost nonstop dance parties in my house and pretty much doing what normal people do.

As I said to one very sweet and well-loved friend, just think of me, like, three or four days a week.  Tomorrow I start motorcycle classes, and in one week this country mouse will be in New York City to run the marathon, so there's still plenty of potential for me to end up in a plaster cast or at the very least with a hilarious story to recount.  But if suddenly you realize you haven't worried about me for a few days, just smile about it and drop me a note welcoming me back into normality because, quite honestly, this kid is doing alright.