Being Brave Big Time

So last week I zipped up my badass leather jacket, pulled on my helmet, and learned how to ride a motorcycle. (Yes, yes I did have one for well over a year back in the '80's, but this class was downright enlightening. And I actually bothered to get legal this time.) Tomorrow I will get on a plane to go to New York City to join about 50,000 other runners traversing 26.2 miles through all the city's boroughs. Arguably, this has been a few weeks of being brave on steroids. 

But truth be told, those days when I just want to hide under the covers, but get up anyway? Those are big time brave days, too. The days I meet new people and inevitably address the question, "So, are you married?", those are very brave days as well. Sometimes I eat my own cooking; talk about profiles in courage!

We are all brave every single day we sift through the chores, and the frustration, and the tedium to find friendship, contentment, and joy. You don't have to slowly release a clutch or pass the 20 mile marker to be brave (though both are AWESOME), just find something to smile about. I am watching the GOP debate, believe me simply smiling is super brave, indeed.