May the Circle be (un) Broken

There are a few things Seattle is famous for: rain, flannel, coffee, a giant cement troll under a bridge, and tattoos. It has been bothering me that while I am so profoundly changed on the inside, I somehow look exactly the same on the outside. So I let the locals do their thing, and I got inked this morning.

An enso circle is broken yet perfect;  a Zen calligraphy symbol of strength, elegance, and perfect emptiness inside and out.

But I was vividly reminded this weekend that my life is also rich with fullness. I saw friends I've not been around for a while, in some instances for months, and in one case for 18 years (as near as two liberal arts majors can calculate). And with each one I felt perfect ease. I felt as if I am broken, but perfect.

So my enso circle may be empty inside and out, but it is also overflowing with gratitude and  contentment.