Mile Marker 5742

Ah, the Mountain West.  Scrubby trees, vast open spaces, velvety brown grasses dotted with sage, and mountains.  This trip has featured a lot of beautiful foliage, even if I've been a bit too early for changing leaves.  There were evergreens in Colorado, and mighty oaks in Cleveland.  Virginia and Tennessee were lush and green, and lakes in Arkansas had trees growing right up in the middle of them.  But the landscape of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico?  This is starting to look more like home.

I remember looking out the car window at these landscapes the first time I moved West, in 1994, and longing for some greenery to relieve my burning eyes.  But over time I have learned to see the beauty in these landscapes, and I have come to love them.  This is the scenery I live and run and work and play and laugh in.

I've still got a few more adventures to go, but I can feel that home is getting close.  And I'm ready for that, too.