Mile Marker 6748

Tomorrow I start barreling toward home.  Home.  I'm ready.  I'm ready to wear some different clothes.  I'm ready to sleep in my own fancy schmantzy super comfy bed.  I'm ready to start working again.  I'm ready to pull all the stuff that undoubtedly bolted in my garden.  I'm ready to reboot my yoga practice (jeebus, that one's gonna hurt).  I'm ready to see my friends.

Just over 800 miles to the Little Yellow House.  At this point that feels like nothing.  It'll take me a while to process all of this trip, but here are some initial assessments:

  • Best National Park:  it's a tie, really.  Glacier was the most breathtaking example of full-on natural scenery, but Bryce was the most amazing example of otherworldly beauty.
  • Best Rush Hour Traffic:  Knoxville.  Nashville could learn a lot from its down-the-road neighbor, and Kansas City you just suck.
  • Best Wildlife:  Wyoming.  With bison, a bear, and a moose all showing up for my entertainment this was the hand's down winner.
  • Best Dance Party: (ongoing daily car dancing in the Big Red Truck does not qualify for this category as it is not really a "party" per se) My high school reunion in Shaker Heights Ohio.  It was delightful to see everybody out on the dance floor (even the reluctant ones I had to physically pull out there to dance with me).
  • Best Breakfast:  Nashville, but the bacon pancakes in Cleveland were a very close second and should be prepared to take over the duties should Nashville not be able to serve.
  • Best Walk With Dachshunds: Norman, Oklahoma.  Goddamn but those guys were cute.
  • Best Shot of Maker's Mark:  Granville, Ohio. (actually, there was precious little bourbon on this trip, that's a shame)
  • Best Crazy Ass Cocktail that Got Me Surprisingly Knocked on My Ass:  The "Key Lime Pie" in Carlisle, PA.  Holy smokes that was good.
  • Best Running:  Shambhala Center, Red Feather Lake, Colorado.  Fan-fucking-tastic running and meditating with old friends and new.  All youse runners should be planning on coming with me next Labor Day Weekend.
  • Best Music for Daily Jammies Yoga:  Chet Faker.  But honestly, I had a kick-ass DJ producing the soundtrack to this whole adventure and every morning I got to discover something new.

Best day?  I have a feeling the best day is going to be Sunday when I roll into my own driveway and realize that although I cut it short by about four days, I actually managed to be brave and do this whole crazy, harebrained, hard, wonderful, tedious, exciting, amazing trip all by myself.  Way to go, Petal!  Steve McQueen himself would be impressed.