Spring Forward

This is the season of possibility, of rebirth and growth.  And, of course, it’s the season when Mother Nature pulls her brightest and gaudiest dresses out of the closet and really struts her stuff. Work it, Girl.

But to me, Spring is also the season of bravery.  It’s planting seeds knowing that not all of them will germinate. It’s sowing tomatoes without the certainty that they will bear fruit.  It’s hoping that the combination of rain and sun will be such that a month from now the scent of blooming lilacs will fill the dining room.  Spring is about finding wonder and joy in the process without allowing oneself to get too enthralled with the possible outcomes.  It’s about having a little faith that things will turn out alright, but being willing to simply celebrate each little green shoot and each beautiful bloom when it feels ready to arrive.

And so, while it is also the season of gutter cleaning, and weed pulling, and mud, and rain, this is the season of simply embracing risk and allowing oneself to go along for the ride. This is my favorite season.