Dandelion Whine

Sometimes a girl slips a bit and finds herself mired in the springtime mud of self-pity.  The to-do list just gets too long, she just doesn't feel well, and she is overwhelmed by all the adult stuff she's expected to do.  All vows to be brave notwithstanding, she gets a little whiny and she tells herself that she's just not up to the tasks at hand.  She isn't strong enough, she isn't smart enough, she isn't organized enough, and quite frankly she isn't interested enough.  She thinks that it takes somebody a bit more sophisticated, or better put-together, or kind of special to pull of what she's facing, so maybe she'll just go back to bed.  After all, she's no exotic hot-house flower.

But then she sees the dandelions.  If there is any ballsy plant in the yard, it's the dandelion. It's crafty and clever, appearing in any little crack or crevice ready to sink deep roots and reach for the sun.  It is undaunted by attacks from trowels and chemicals, determinedly clinging to life and just getting done what it needs to do.  And, honestly, for a few early weeks in the Spring it is the lowly dandelion that provides splashes of bright color against the still brownish lawns.  Despite rains and threats of late season snows, the dandelion shows up at the party in its bright yellow dress and shouts that long days and sun patches are not far behind.  It will continue its celebrations all summer long, and in the end it will become ethereal and beautiful and full of grace before it prepares to bed down and wait for the next spring to arrive.

Long after the fancy flowers die of too little water, or too much, or bake in the hot summer sun or wither in the shade, long after the annuals fade and are pulled from their pots and baskets, that dandelion will soldier on.  No, it'll thrive. And looking at it, the girl realizes she doesn't need to be showy or flashy or even particularly beautiful on any given day, she just needs to find a tiny bit of soil and hang on for dear life and be a little bit brave.  And maybe wear something bright and dazzling.