Here's to the Boring Ones

Here’s to the quietly competent ones. The ones who read the instructions, then read them again. The ones who mutter “fuck,” get a band-aid, and start over.

Hurrah for Lois Lane’s cubicle mate: the one who pays into her 401(k), and goes to the dentist twice a year, and can hail her own cab without a man of steel.

Cheers to the ones who keep their shoes, and wash their fruit, and soldier on without a carriage or a prince or a posse of oddly named men. They are the ones who see calamity coming and head it off at the pass; Normalcy Janes calmly paying their bills.

Praise to the ones who go to bed on time and do ab work without a cheering squad, the ones who get the oil changed when the sticker says it’s time and who shampoo the rugs. For they are all jolly good fellows.

Here’s to the boring ones, all those women who calmly get the shit done.